We are currently looking for qualified doctors who have post community service qualifications. We also specialise in recruiting doctors with a post graduate training in Emergency Medicine.

We place the following types of Roles in permanent and contract positions

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MD Recruitment is passionate about Quality Emergency Care. We are a team of highly skilled and highly enthusiastic people who want to improve emergency care across the board. We believe that this can be achieved by medical personnel recruitment and appropriate placements.

We formed a Medical Personnel Recruitment and Placements agency in 2014 that is registered with the Federation of African Professional Staffing Organizations (APSO) in order to provide medical locum opportunities in the South African private and public healthcare sectors. We are affiliated with Ireland to also provide locum doctors to that country. Our ultimate goal is to expand this network to all over Africa and other overseas countries.

We believe that Quality Emergency Care is achievable, but requires a consolidated team effort. We therefore strive to connect with like-minded individuals to build a partnership network dedicated to improving Emergency Care for all.

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